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A trusted conversation catalyst

Nia’s thoughtful approach to topics helps those answering questions and those listening for responses glean greater depth and meaning, keeping a firm pulse that anticipates what audiences desire to learn from exchanges. 

A sampling of past assignments include:

Among services provided as part of engagements:

  • Planning

    • Helping to frame conversations, objectives and desired outcomes

    • Coordinating key presenter(s)

    • Developing assessment tools

    • Strategizing on outreach campaigns, messaging and platforms

  • Preperation

    • Researching relevant supporting points

    • Developing run-of-show and event schedule

    • Formulating questions for presenters

    • Rehearsing with principals, if requested

  • Execution

    • Establishing and sharing rules of engagement

    • Guiding robust discussion among presenters

    • Incorporating presentation technology

    • Conducting audience Q&As 

    • Providing event summaries and post-mortum notes

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Nia Ngina Meeks as a moderator

Portfolio - As an event moderator

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