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Portfolio - As a communications strategist

Principal of bgConnex

Delivering tailored, comprehensive communications strategies with the goal of cultivating relationships, winning supporters, and planting indelible ideas.

No canned press releases here.

Instead, you get the perspective of a respected and decorated media veteran and thinker of nearly 20 years experience with every assignment. Your project is sure to grab the attention of people you need to reach.

And discretion is respected. Always. 

Past client projects have been featured in outlets ranging from Bloomberg News and the Associated Press to The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to SIRIUS satellite radio programs and Democracy Now!

Among services provided:

  • Planning

    • Audit audit and course corrections/accelerations of current marketing and communications tools

    • Media buys - broadcast, print and digital

    • Crisis communications procedures and tools

  • Writing

    • Testimony

    • White papers

    • Talking points and speeches

  • Training

    • Executive and staff media coaching

    • Public relations tools and preparation

    • Brand ambassador development

  • Strategy

    • Brand cultivation and re-invigoration

    • Brand audit and course corrections/accelerations

    • Cause marketing campaigns

For details and appointments, click here.


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